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Individual counseling provides individuals with a chance work one on one with a therapist to set goals, change desired behaviors, gain clarity and perspective, or a renewed emotional and spiritual awareness.

Individual Counseling

The goal of family counseling is to increase understanding and togetherness among the individuals involved in order to solve issues and deepen connections and acceptance.

Family Counseling

Our clinicians are trained to treat individual occurrences of trauma as well as complex trauma in children and adults through many forms, such as ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy),  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) or other research based methods.

Trauma Counseling

​Children and youth come  with an array of needs. Our mission is to offer a warm and comforting environment to foster and help them build self esteem, reduce anxiety and increase coping skills for life’s challenges.

Children & Adolescents

Children who are adopted or in foster care have specialized needs. We are trained in numerous methods, including TBRI, to best help children from these backgrounds.

Foster & Adoption

​Whether you are dealing with addiction yourself, or someone you care about is struggling, getting trained, clinical help is a vital part of the healing process. Our clinicians are trained in many different addiction models and work to treat addictions in the best clinical way possible.

Addictions Counseling

Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. Our clinicians are trained in many different techniques to provide support, care, and growth in an effort to be the best couple you can be.


We provide testing, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD by use of tested and verified methods. Our staff teaches techniques and skills to help improve social skills, improve inhibition, attention, working memory and other symptoms.

ADHD Counseling

​Sometimes the best form of healing comes with working with others who have dealt with the same issues you have experienced. We offer a number of group based counseling sessions that focus on a myriad of unique issues.

Group Counseling
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